Web Streaming

CSU now offers live web streaming!

CSU is now in the live web-streaming business!  We have recently acquired two small boxes (see attached pic) that allow us to stream live from any of our conferences, conventions or other events.  These can be used in multiple ways.

Last week, we streamed the UA ITP graduation ceremony from Eastern Michigan University publicly on YouTube.  It went off without a hitch and as soon as the ceremony was over, they had an archived copy of the event for all their members to watch.  As of today, it has received 1,733 views.

These can also be streamed privately for the client’s internal needs.  John Marx set up unlisted streams for the TCU and AFGE conventions, allowing staff to watch the proceedings from their offices.  This saved considerable money in not having to run dedicated video lines to all the offices throughout the convention centers.  We can stream to YouTube, Facebook, Skype or directly to a client’s website.

Please keep this new offering in mind when speaking to your clients.


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